Why I started this blog.

I think we often forget the importance of our loved ones, our partners, family and friends. We tend to be too busy to give them a call or send a message and make them aware of our love and presence. It shouldn’t feel like an obligation, but a pleasure to make our loved ones happy. Share a smile or a cheerful day with them is all what’s needed.

I want to remind all of us how beautiful and grateful it is to make someone happy. It brings our own souls to an infinite delight of life.

Most importantly I want to talk about our partners, who are beside us in good and bad times. They truly deserve most of our care and support. So why so often we hear complains about unhappy relationships, broken marriages and falling apart families. Once loving spouses don’t listen to each other anymore.

More often than not it happens out of lack of commitment and wiliness to put more effort and time. We seem to get used too much to the idea of someone caring of us and not the other way around.

I am hoping to dig deeper into this topic while sharing personal experience of my husband’s and my effort to keep the flame going.


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