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Romantic bathroomAfter a long day at work relaxing is more than in demand. Every now and then we need to reward ourselves with an indulging treatment. Taking hot tub is one of my favourites. Since I remember myself, I’ve always loved to spend an hour in a pleasantly warm water, drawing off tiredness and stresses of the past day. It helps dispel all worries and re-connect with your inner world, while also pampering your skin with softness.

Raff and I have a special connection to bath, as this is where our story began. Crazy enough, we took hot tub together at our first date. Don’t ask how it happened, not that we smelt bad or anything like that, but it was just somehow natural and felt right at the moment. Since then we keep it as our little tradition, we often take bath together, using this time to discuss our worries and problems, plans for future or reviewing the past.

Usually Raff takes care of the romantic side of the evening. He comes up with the new ideas from time to time decorating our bathroom in the most pleasing way possible. Candles all around, roses floating at the surface of a bubbly warm water.

Romantic-Bathroom1Moreover, he usually does it in time for me being back home, so I can never resist any of this. We sometimes top it up with a bottle of wine, which makes an experience even more enjoyable.5321605441_e8f4e88394_zAnother recent discovery of ours is a bath pillow. It is amazing! Why I never knew about its existence before. In childhood, I used to see them in the movies, but never came across one in the shop. Now we have one of those and it makes such a difference to a comfort of lying in the hot tub.pillow+romanticIf you haven’t tried anything like this with your partner, I definitely recommend you trying. Hide from an outside world and use this romantic time to re-connect with deep feelings to each other.

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