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It is common to think that dreams are mainly a childhood prerogative, while adults operate only with known facts and circumstances. We forbid ourselves to dream high, believing that it is safer to be down to earth with no risk involved whatsoever. In many couples, it becomes a taboo to discuss anything of that matter. As people tend to be critical and often sarcastic about their partners’ fantasies. Therefore, even if person envisions any bright future for her idea or intention, she keeps it for herself or forgets about it altogether. Usually unsatisfied couples try to constantly disapprove and challenge each other’s aims, making all effort to almost deride one another’ hopes. Which leads to further emotional distance between them.

Nothing else hurts our feelings as much as our partner’s disbelief in our abilities. As when we love, we want to make our significant one a part of our dream. We are motivated to achieve more and be able to share it with the loved one. Thereof when this intention collides with our partner’s condemnation, we might become victimized, lose confidence and feel miserable.

However, if you took time to fully discover your partner, made sure you knew his or her convictions and deep beliefs for life, your further relationship would be built on thorough respect and trust and your belief in each other would be beyond any measures.

Surprisingly enough, most couples do not discuss their deep dreams and only realise they have something in opposition when conflict arises. Whereas loving relationship is the safest place to talk about couples’ deepest hopes and desires. We should learn to let go of any criticism or dubiety, and make sure we understand and respect other person’s perception of life and aspirations.

As we all come from different backgrounds, our history often defines contrary beliefs and wishes, therefore being respectful and supportive of one another’ potential is essential in relationship. The happy couple makes helping each other realise their dreams a main target of the relationship. Where neither or them attempts to manipulate the other to give up their dream.

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