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Home dateAt times when we run out of ideas how to entertain ourselves in the evening, we fall into a bad habit of watching TV and chewing something crunchy in front of it. We live in a too spoilt world, having way too many things to do or places to go to, and yet many people when asked, say they spent last weekend laying on the couch doing nothing. Why is that? Why not to start an amusement diary noting the time when you were happy, enjoying either an activity or a movie or any social event. Actually, Facebook became the most popular activity catcher, if you don’t prefer a traditional notebook writing. Either way it comes very handy on those evenings when you are about to waste your time being moody. Looking back at something that made you happy in the past will revive that feeling and uplift your mood. You might even decide to do this activity again today or in the nearest future.

Don’t forget to include home amusement in the list as well. As most of the times, especially in winter when it is too much of an effort to go out, we value our “home time” a lot. It is cosy with no obligations or duties, but we still can make it fun and interesting. Here are a few activities to share from our happiness diary:

  1. Indoor picnic. This is one of my favourites. I like getting comfy with the blanket on the floor, preparing finger food and talking in the candle light or ideally in front of a fireplace. We don’t have one, but we put on YouTube video with fireplace on TV, which looks almost real.
  2. Watch a movie or an interesting documentary. It is both cognitive and engaging. Eelier I shared a few nice movies to check out.
  3. Play a table game or cards (or replace it with a foreplay game). We have Ludo game which drives us mad sometimes, but still is fun.
  4. Dancing at home. We take salsa classes, but we are too embarrassed so far to practice in the club, so we can easily do it at home.
  5. Rebounder jumping. Recently we bought this jumping equipment, which doesn’t seem to be of any use and takes a lot of our bedroom’s space, but is actually fun.
  6. Take hot tub together in the candle light pampering each other with some treatments.
  7. Give each other a massage. That’s my favourite!
  8. Memories night. Review your photos for the past couple of years, just set them up to play randomly on TV. It is amazing how warm pleasant memories make you feel.
  9. Do your own photoshoot or home video. Just be silly, play on the camera. It will be so funny to watch after a while.
  10. Do your partner’s wish day. This day you will only do anything he or she wishes, whatever it is – cooking a favourite meal, doing massage, organizing romantic dinner… Use your imagination.

You can write a few ideas you like on the cards and pick one with closed eyes. There is only one rule here – both should be committed to having fun!