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LoveDiningIt is not a secret that our homes reflect our own selves more than anything else does. The atmosphere and environment play a great role in our mood and behaviour wherever we are, as well as the other way around, we tend to organize outer world in balance with our inner spirit. We love it to be cosy and peaceful, maximally adopted to our desires and preferences. It is amazing how little details can make us happy, whether these are fragments of memories, or favourite pieces of furniture or decoration. This all matters for positive associations with the place, this makes it home after all.

When it comes to romantic relationships, home ambiance makes a big difference. Remember that warmth and magnificence of the environment help us relax and set the right mood for a joyful time spending together (especially after a long day at work).

You do not need to wait for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. Home date is already a combination of romance, comfort and pleasure in itself, but it is up to you to make it special! We should not forget about little things that make our faces shine with a cheerful smile. Make it individual, a sort of unordinary magic place that you would want to be in when closing your eyes. No one says it has to look perfect like in the movie, as it might take you a while. However, showing that you care and willing to put the effort in, this is what counts in the end. It feels so nice when someone makes an effort for you and lights up the room with sweet touches of love. One day these might be candles all over the place, the other just a little love message under the fridge magnet. There is always a space for imagination (just in case, Internet is there to help). Here are some ideas to try out:

  • Flowers are always a good choice. And a few beautiful DIY ideas here for craft lovers Flowes
  • There is nothing more romantic than candle light. Simply cannot do without it.love07
  • Lovely fireplace decoration if you have one Candles and Camin
  • A bit of romance in the kitchenlove magnets
  • Romantic bathroom atmosphere. My favourite 🙂 Romantic bathroom
  • For technology fans – play with the lightning in different colours and tones with Hue Philips bulbs Philips-Hue