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Happy couple Uk naughty vacationWhen going on vacation, what is your typical packing set? I bet, like most people, you would think about it in advance and consider buying all the missing bits and pieces, like little shampoo or your favourite shower gel. But, what if this was a romantic trip, short weekend away (maybe leaving kids at home) or a paradise holiday with your darling. You have been looking forward to this for a while now, and everything seems ready. Well, but have you thought about romantic side of it yet? What about arranging a surprise, once you are over there?

Yes, it can be a candlelit dinners, moonlight walks and nightlong talks. Sounds too familiar? Add a naughty side to it, give it a fresh spark, and consider something unusual. Unless you already bought tickets to “50 Shades of Grey”, try to create your own scenario, become the hero and heroine on your own.
Make sure you pack a couple of naughty toys in your suitcase. Obviously, if you are a woman, the most important is to take care of your outlook. It is the best investment in your relationship. No matter what they say, men always remain impressed by visual observations. Make sure you please their eyes first, and the take care of the rest.

Men, on another side, don’t forget about ladies romantic side, start from picking gentle items from your suitcase, make sure you prepare your sweetheart to a night of joy and indulgence.

Hotel rooms are simply made to create intriguing and mystifying environment for your imagination to liven up your fantasies. There is no right or wrong way here, just follow your desires. Every personal touch matters. Relationship is about paying attention to your partner needs. We all have different views to sex and romance, but it is important that couples discuss this topic openly and make sure they understand what satisfies their partners.  Of course, still leaving a room for mystery and spontaneity.