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With the most romantic day of the year fast approaching, most of us probably rush around trying to make it special or find best present for our loved ones or book the best restaurant or buy the sweetest chocolates. Well, that’s a good way to start. But here is no need to fall into bustle. We still have time to put our creativity at work. Think about what makes your honey happy, do some research. Thanks to Internet you can find thousand and one best ways to impress your partner, but what is your feature?..

Over the years my husband and I realised it is best to stay at home when everyone else tries to go out. If you ever tried to book a table in the restaurant for Valentine’s Day, you know what I mean. It becomes very busy on the day. You end up spending your “special” evening at the worst table possible (if you book late), never can reach the waiter and in addition don’t hear a thing of what you are saying to each other. Is it worth it?

To me, not at all. Unless you are a big fan of noisy parties and find it romantic to dance in the crowd of hundreds of other couples :). Maybe one day I will consider something like this. But this year I decided to go with one of the below ideas:

  • Dress up, if you were going out to a fancy party, take care of makeup and hair style. Every detail matters. Better if you don’t see each while getting ready. Switch off the phones, lit the candles, have the dinner at home (can be cooked by someone or take away if you don’t fancy cooking), put on a soft music, invite each other to dance… Well, you know where I am heading.
  • If you are lucky enough and your honey loves sweets, then baking a heart shaped cookies and cakes might be your best option. But if you are like me and your partner prefers a good sandwich over a chocolate bar, then heart shaped pizza would be your best choice! It is romantic enough and… is special, because you are going to make it with his favourite ingredients (add some of yours too, he won’t notice). Yummy! 🙂
  • As many of us know, a foundation of any successful relationship is communication. But what if things didn’t go very well for two of you recently. Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to take a first step and make an effort to retrieve your happiness and trust to each other. A heartfelt letter is a great way to do so. Write about your feelings, tell your darlings how much you appreciate them, how important it is for you to make them happy and loved.
  • Prepare 14 little surprises throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be this exact number, but make it personal, or funny, and definitely unexpected! Put some love notes around the house where he would definitely find them. Or put on his favourite music (even if you don’t prefer it, sorry, some sacrifice is much appreciated). Or wake up earlier and make a breakfast in bed for two of you. Allow yourself spend a longer morning in bed, rather than rushing back to the daily routines. For such people like I it might be not easy. I am too organized to be able to simply spend two precious hours of my day in bed. As I could have done so much in meantime. But whenever this happens, my husband appreciates it very much, because he know I make an effort for him.
  • Recreate a first date. If it wasn’t too odd or embarrassing 🙂 In our case, I am not sure any more if we would be able to stay up all night and still function the next morning. But I guess we have to give it a try one day. Definitely would need a day off for this one.

Anyway, I believe, you get the point. No matter what option you chose, it is all about making it personal, loving and caring. After all, Valentine’s Day is only a reminder of the things we shall do every day when we are in love.