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As I walked home today I could only dream of my bed and favourite book to read. But the thing is I was not only tired, but in addition – extremely hungry. You know this feeling. When you wish you could eat everything what’s in the fridge in one go. The only thing that might stop you – your conscious inner voice… well – if it is strong enough! Mine doesn’t win often. Some days I just have to let go and treat myself in the evening. Especially with such husband like mine. Yeah, I know, it is hard to believe, but he loves cooking! Maybe not exactly loves, but definitely likes :). And he likes pleasing me with tasty and well-presented dishes. So on those days, I have no choice but to relax and enjoy. He likes trying new recipes, finding any opportunity to impress myself or our friends. Sounds very simple, right? But I wish there were more men like he. There would more happy girls like I. Raff cooking
I don’t know why, but cooking is simply not my thing. And I was always worried that when I get married I would not be able to meet expectations of my chosen man. It is common to assume that women have the ability to cook, that this somehow comes to us naturally. Well… nothing like this, not in my case. I hope there are other women out there feeling the same as I am not comfortable being the only one :).
But anyway, not depending whether you like cooking yourself or no, this is still one of the most pleasant pictures to observe – a man preparing a dinner for you. There is even something sexy about it. You come home, and smell the best meal ever (at least you hope so). It already means something special. Maybe simply because our men do it so rarely – it feels so luxurious. It puts us in the romantic mood for the rest of the evening, not to mention how much time it saves. Think about it, while he is busy with the dinner, it is a good moment to put some more make up on, chose an appropriate dress for the occasion and let yourself thrill! He can join you in 5 minutes, it won’t take him longer to prepare :). Then you both can switch the mode from the tired hard workers to an elegant loving couple enjoying your home-made date. What can be better!? In addition, he will definitely appreciate your dress (not worn once since your friend’s wedding two years ago) or even simply refreshed make up. Whatever you do – he will remember it as a reward for the dedication. And definitely – it will encourage him to repeat this again and again. Or… if he needs a reminder you may use it at some point – “Honey, only you can make this meal taste so good!” I personally have no problem to accept that men are better chefs and use any occasion to praise them. As long as I can stay away from kitchen :).