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I know, I know it is not a men’s topic. Watching movies has always been a debate, at least in my family. Raff likes action, crime, fights while I prefer the sweetest happy ending ever or a crying melodrama. But we have to compromise! As from time to time we both love watching something together while cuddling under the warm coverlet and crunching crisps. And for such nights we always try to keep a movie or two in reserve not to spend ages on search when we need it. Of course, with any search – rule number one is the film must suit me! I appreciate Raff has to agree to most of it, so I try to be fair enough and keep completely “girly” movies in my separate reserve (“Bridget Jones” type) – for nights when he is out and I can watch anything I want and cry as much as I want without anyone turning to me – “why are you crying? It is only a movie!” or – “honey, it is happy ending, they are in love, everything is good! Nothing to cry about!” How difficult is it to understand – we, girls, are not in control of our emotions! And yes, we do enjoy expressing them (when it works for us, of course)! When everything is good – we cry from happiness, when it is bad – we cry from sorrow. But men don’t seem to feel the difference between the two! For them the result is one – the actual action of crying performed by a loved woman! Reaction – to give a rescuing advice! 🙂

All right, here are a few suggestions of proved movies we both liked (or let’s say – I liked and he managed to watch till the end 🙂 :

  1. Sex Tape. We watched it just yesterday. Brilliant! Funny, sexy, a bit too Hollywood style, but still very much pleasing. Sets the right mood for a continuation of the evening as well (if you feel like it!)
  2. Duplicity. Not exactly romantic, but just a nice movie with unexpected ending and starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen! It says it all… for me
  3. The Other Woman. Not bad, no need to think, so works well to give your brain a rest. Raff liked a girls with big boops… so everyone’s expectations were met! 🙂
  4. Closer. Not only it stars all my favourite actors, but is also different enough to keep the intrigue to the end! Absolutely loved it!
  5. Modern Family series. As much as I am not into series (I haven’t seen even Sex and the city and Friends!) But Raff made me addicted to this one. I could write a post about every single episode as all of them are like a lecture for spouse’s behaviour! Recommended, especially if you have an argument…
  6. The Notebook. The best love movie of all times! No comments…
  7. The Love Punch. Light American comedy, but great actors make it funny and perfect watch for a lazy weekend
  8. Friends with benefits. Might be over-romantic for men, but my bravely stood it to the end
  9. The Holiday. Nice old film for Christmas season. Too romantic for men, I guess, but again – Christmas happens only once a year, and all holiday movies are romantic, for some reason 🙂 So, guys, sorry, just accept it!
  10. Gatsby. It has everything in it – beauty, love, passion, emotions and… Leonardo DiCaprio. He is brilliant whatever he does! I believe everyone must have seen this movie already. If not – add it to your list now!

Home projector

And one more thing to add here – the best cinema location is actually… your bedroom! How lucky we are that technology is growing quicker than our hair (some innovations might help here as well)! We don’t need to leave the house any more to find out what’s going on in the world, it’s easier to do so with a few mouse clicks! In my case even more so because Raff does it for me, he is always up to date with the latest gadgets. If it was not enough that our iPhone, iPad, iComputer and iTV are all connected with each other, but now we also can control the lights from the phone setting them up for romantic atmosphere, let’s say! That’s why while he is demonstrating his newest toys I can quickly suggest one more “great” movie to watch (to test) and agreement is usually achieved.

So why dress up, do make up and go out to a cinema, where in the darkness no one sees your effort anyway! When you can simply relax (even stay in your pyjamas) and watch a movie just on your bedroom wall! This innovation is my favourite by far! Of course, home projector has been around for a while, the only difference is now you can control it from your phone! Ha! 🙂

Obviously, I still love cinema’s atmosphere, don’t get me wrong! I don’t mind to pop over there from time to time, have some popcorn, watch 3D view (not available in our house yet!) or just for the sake of the back seats! All of this has some romance in it and can be that slight sparkle needed to liven up your night together.