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Today as I read an article about a female director of porn (not a typical profession for a woman I have to admit), it reminded me of the topic I wanted to uncover for a long time.

I believe you have at least once thought of yourself as a model, even if deep inside! Perhaps, you’ve dreamed of the red carpet and Oscar ceremonies, or of being a princess and living in a castle, or have imagined yourself on top of the world, admired by everybody, having no man to pass by you without turning his head, or every woman throwing a jealous glance at you! You wanted to behave like nobody was watching and give yourself fully to the world! This is a secret fantasy kingdom of yours, not available to the outsider’s eyes!

So, what’s holding you back?

We all have those dreams, and there is nothing bad about it. Surely, you don’t need to become a porn star to reveal a few of your wildest fantasies (or depends how far you want to go).
Trust me, in response toshutterstock_151972607 our “model and a movie star fantasies” – every man has dreamed of being a director or photographer, obviously – nude photographer even better! And no surprise about it, as on average man think about sex every 15mins, I guess this is what statistics tell us. Men are driven by visual images! So, why not let him enjoy your best you instead of sham girls from glamorous magazines! You already have everything it takes to be a star, even only for one (but the most important person!) in your life. Let him know you would not mind to consider a private photo-shoot, and see where it takes you. Make an effort to show the best of you. No doubt it will be paid off well.
There are no boundaries in your own bedroom. Turn it into your private photo studio for one night. Think of the image that best suits you – might be a wild sexy kitty or.. a humble housekeeper. If your closet doesn’t have anything for such occasions – it is never late to buy a few outfits. Make up and new hair style would certainly help. Use your imagination, or an image from the magazine you always liked but never dared to apply to yourself. Let your partner see and enjoy all of it! You both are guaranteed a delightful night!