It is a terrible weather outside and noting predicts an entertaining Sunday. We decided just to stay at home and enjoy restful cosiness of our place. Sitting in a complete silence I can hear the birds singing outside, well… at least someone doesn’t care about the rain. They seem to be quite happy and not bothered by anything. I wish they were not that active at 5am when I was trying to sleep. But, yeah, nothing I can do about it, unless being happy that I don’t live in the country side. I covered myself in a warm little blanket, sipping my warm tea and looking out of the window at never resting London. A beautiful bouquet of flowers at my kitchen table caught my eye. My husband gave them to me yesterday, just to celebrate a weekend. Very nice of him! It makes me think I am pretty lucky woman. And reminds me to be proud of him again.

I wonder if all husbands there are like mine. Of course, mine is the best one, cannot question that 🙂 But knowing from the experience and girlfriends complaints – men often forget this little gesture and how happy it can make us. I know I know, all of them think it is only useful trick in the beginning to win your heart and later it becomes an overspending of the tight family budget. I hope not all of them are so pragmatic and there are some romantics left in this “too busy to enjoy” world. It is not easy to persuade your sweetheart to buy you flowers every week, but a little tip might always help – like “Darling, you know,

I think this leaving room lacks a fresh touch of cosiness and warmth. What do you think if this vase doesn’t just stand here empty, but with some fresh little bouquet of roses” or anything you prefer. Well, I would believe he remembers what kind of flowers you like, but let’s forgive them a bad memory and remind from time to time. I personally like any type of flowers 🙂 and can live with different ones every time. I shall admit I do receive them all the time. But it never came to my mind to complain.
I don’t think women can ever be tired of flowers, or of any gifts actually… I guess, flowers are the easiest reminder of feeling loved and cared of. Unless you receive diamonds every day, obviously 🙂 Just a little bouquet can make your mood for the day and flash up that missing attention and color in the relationship. This is exactly how I feel now looking around my living room that reminds me of my husband’s love and presence!